Er. Dr. Ramiyar Parvez Karanjia,
12, Kanga Building,
Dr. Ambedkar Rd., Dadar,
Mumbai 400 014. INDIA

6th September 2011.
Prof. F A Kapadia 275 J Chikalwadi.
Bldg. No. 13 New Cama Bldg. 3rd Floor
Tardeo Road, Mumbai 400 007

Dear Prof. Kapadia,
It is a matter of great happiness that you are proposing to write and publish a book on Leadership

Time and again it has been proved that a good leader is one with a good and clean heart, who has the will and ability to rise above the personal interests, predilections, likes and dislikes, has the interest of the needy at heart and compassion for the unfortunates.

A leader, it is believed is generally born, but today more often a leader is the one who is trained in his skills and has the requisite information of his field and human resources. Here is where the experience and expertise of Prof. Kapadia can help nurture new leaders.

A good leader is always a part of the wish list of Zoroastrian prayers, may it be Gatha Ahunavad, Yasna 30.9 where one desires to be the chosen leader of Mazda and be the helper of the world, or Yasna 12.2-4 where the leadership of good people is sought for and the leadership of wicked people is discarded, or the Jashan ritual in which courage, success, long life, and strength for our leaders is prayed for.

I commend Prof. Kapadia for bringing out this book which above anything else is a result of his lifelong zeal and dedicated experience. I wish him success in this and his future endeavours.

With best wishes,
  Yours sincerely,
Ramiyar Karanjia