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Prof. Faredoon Kapadia.
Atassh Consultants. Mumbai

Dear Prof. Faredoon Kapadia

In today's competitive world, the role of such a comprehensive book can never be overemphasized.

Professor Kapadia, I must say that your book will make a very useful addition to the personal library of any budding entrepreneur.

With all my good wishes,

Kersi K. Commissariat.

19th August 2011
Dear Faredoon,

I am happy to note that Prof. Faredoon Kapadia has authored a book on "Leadership the Mentoring way". This topic has been written upon extensively by several Management Gurus. From the synopsis I can say that Prof. Kapadia has made it comprehensive and holistic for leadership to be successful specially in a commercial organization.

I wish him all Success

Aspi Katgara
Managing DSirector & CEO of The Zoroastrian Cooperative Bank Ltd.
Dear Faredoon,

The book "LEADERSHIP THE MENTORING WAY" on Motivation and Leadership by Prof. Faredoon Kapadia is truly a motivatation reading for HR professionals and students alike. It is an authoritative manual in the field of HR. Prof. Kapadia's wide experience and expertise has been incorporated in the book. It is a valuable possession by one and all.

Wishing Prof.Kapadia success to pen many more books in the field of HR which is starving for innovations.

Prof. Dr. Firdos T. Shroff
Fellow. IIBF; Senate Member, Pune University)
Chetana's R.K.Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai
(Fellow IIBF; Senate Member, Pune University)
To Faredoon Kapadia

Subject: Leadership the Mentoring Way

The mastery of Management is as complex and demanding, as the development of competence in any other professional discipline. "Leadership the Mentoring Way", is a book that not only reveals the essential components of Management Leadership but also provides one the opportunity to evaluate ones performance in each component of Leadership by asking the relevant questions.

P. P. Kharas
Chairman-Mumbai Chapter of World Zarthusthi Chamber of Commerce.
To: Faredoon Kapadia


The book is skillfully written and is a must for any Management Guru and Student.

Mehernosh Kapadia
Consultant -- Legal, Management and Financial Services, Author and Screenplay Writer