Dear Prof Kapadia

I am thrilled to see your ideas in Book form. Many people talk, some write but only a few can see it through to spread the message far & wide. It is distinct pleasure to see you.

Message follows for your book:

Leadership in the mentoring way is an excellent and current theme. Recruiters hire for skills and fire for behavior. We produce a great many MBA graduates who can see data but fail to have an insight into the situation that is described by the data. In high growth economy like India we need leaders who can take good decisions in stressful situations. The answer to all these is Leadership, which is characteristic by a high EQ and can be inculcated by Mentoring alone!

I congratulate Prof. Faredoon Kapadia for bringing this book for the benefit of masses of MBA students in a very easily readable and practical format. Everyone who reads this will be a beneficiary far beyond the price paid!

I seek the blessings of the One above to grant many more years to Prof Kapadia to write such wonderful books and enrich the lives of young students everywhere.

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